Flexible learning experience

It is our aim to give you the best possible Tai Chi Chuan experience.  We teach specialized Chi Kung exercises, the Short & Original Long Forms, Sword & Spear Forms, Fast Form, Push Hands exercises with a partner, and Self-Defence.  At the same time, our training programme is flexible enough to suit  the  needs of all; for example if you want to do Tai Chi only for health benefits, then we can cater for you at the highest level.  If you have an interest in any of the other disciplines, you can choose which elements of Tai Chi you would like to pursue further, such as weapons or fast form or push-hands.

We also have specialized classes for the elderly and for those suffering from poor circulation, blood pressure, heart disease, or balance disorders.

We run Rehabilitation Classes for heart patients, and audiology patients, at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital Physiotherapy Department.  These can be accessed  with a referral from your G.P.  We researched and developed the ‘Clinical Tai Chi' for these specialized courses, over the past twenty years, in conjunction with consultants at the hospital.

We are also Tai Chi trainers for the N.H.S. and Corporate Businesses.